Florida House Builders Aren’t Lazy, But Practical – Why Houses In Miami And Florida Do Not Have Basements

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Many homes throughout the Southeast typically do not have basements. It’s not that our builders here are short-sighted or lazy. Our contractors are practical, and there are some big reasons why homes are generally not available with a basement in them.

Foundations Of Thinking

The main idea is that when I tried digging just a hole to put in a deck, I hit the water pretty quickly. That’s right, our land is very close to the water table, or the water that flows underground.

In other areas, such as New York and throughout the Northeast, the water table is not as close to the surface. When I dig holes up at my summer home there, no water shows up. I have a basement in New York, but not in Miami.

My home in Miami is built on a concrete slab and does not have a foundation that is dug many feet into the ground either. It is just not only not practical for builders, it would be constantly flooded! While I miss having a basement every time I come down to Miami for the majority of the year, I have to remind myself why it’s not an option.

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